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The XML Bible

3 chapitres disponibles en ligne (XSLT, Xlinks, XPointers)
The XML Bible is a comprehensive introduction to using XML for Web page design. It shows you how to write XML documents, validate them with DTDs, design CSS and XSL style sheets for those documents, convert them to HTML, and publish them on Web servers for the world to read. You'll also learn how to use XML technologies like RDF, XLinks, XHTML, and namespaces to add structure and organization to your document collections. And finally, you'll learn about the many uses of XML beyond the Web site, including genealogy, subscription services, mathematics, vector graphics, and more. After reading this book I hope you'll agree with me that XML is the most exciting development on the Internet since Java, and that it makes Web site development easier, more productive, and more fun.

3 chapitres disponibles gratuitement :
  • Chapter 14: XSL Transformations
  • Chapter 16: XLinks
  • Chapter 17: XPointers

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