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JSP Tag Libraries (chapter 3)

Developing your first tags

JSP Tag Libraries is a bible for serious JSP developers. The reader will become acquainted with the world of custom JSP tags--new JSP technology that is beginning to have an enormous impact on the way people are developing JSP.
JSP tags are Java components that can be used from within a JSP file. By representing these components as tags, code authors can open up their JSP development to the everyday content developer as well as improve their code reuse and separation between presentation and business logic.
The book is fully loaded with many real-world tags including tags to perform iterations, access databases, EJBs, email systems and JavaBeans. To make the tag usage even more real, the book also offers two full-scale case studies in which the reader will see how tags can be used in the context of: e-Commerce applications WAP applications that work with current cellular phones This book covers all aspects of JSP Tag development for Scriptlet-free generation of online content. It focuses on reusable component-centric design via JavaBeans and custom tags to separate presentation from implementation.
JSP Tag Libraries includes the following :
  • Working with Java beans from within custom JSP tags
  • Performing conditions with custom JSP tags
  • Iterating with custom JSP tags
  • Database access custom JSP tags
  • J2EE integration and custom JSP tags
  • Two full scale use cases demonstrating custom tag usage in e-Commerce and WAP applications

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