Java Data Object

JDO is an API for transparent database access. The programmer can write code in the Java programming language that transparently accesses the underlying data store, without using database-specific code.

JDO is a technology that is complementary to the JDBC API. Its main strength is that it standardizes object databases and object/relational mappings for the Java programming language, allowing the programmer to use classes in the Java programming language instead of copying data between different data models.

Will JDO replace the JDBC API?

No. The JDO and JDBC APIs are complementary approaches. Both of these technologies have unique strengths and can be used by programmers with different skill sets and different development objectives.
JDO scores higher on programmer convenience, affording compile-time type checking. JDO hides SQL from the programmer; that is, a developer using the Java programming language does not need to learn SQL.
On the other hand, the JDBC API provides greater flexibility by giving programmers direct control over database access and cache management. The JDBC API is a more mature technology, enjoying very broad industry cceptance as a complete and well-understood API.

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